At Little Oaks, we like to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn. We respect each child's particular learning style by providing an environment for the children by scaling to a child’s size and gearing to his or her needs, allowing the child to learn at his or her own pace. Children are best able to comprehend their environment in concrete, hands-on ways through immediate personal contact and play. Next to learning from one’s own experience, the child learns best from other children. Therefore, children are grouped in age groups to give children a series of models for imitation and older children the opportunity to reinforce their own knowledge by helping younger children. We also believe the environment should inspire children to learn and grow.  It is our responsibility to be nurturing and to model our children with positive behaviors.  We believe children learn what they live!


We believe that play is the central force in the development of all young children. Our curriculum incorporates the basic alphabet, phonics, numbers, shapes and colors. These subjects are often taught through hands on daily activities rather than a single subject. Since we believe in active learning, the environment offers many choices for children to explore with plenty of time. The Teachers role is to facilitate children’s learning and guide them to build a foundation of successful learning experiences.


Our goal is for your child to love coming to Little Oaks.  Also, to provide an environment that is safe, warm and nurturing.  We’d like to create the environment that cultivates their creativity and feeds their curiosity by providing children with a positive, non-pressured atmosphere to learn and grow. Through this, we hope the children develops the confidence, love of learning and to be compassionate to others. 


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